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Authentic Italy

Wednesday, February 26th, 2020

“” “The hospitable communities of Italy present in the Web under the slogan people who love it, guests to have”, present themselves as of today the first six Italian ComunitOspitali”i.e. hospitable communities” with their German site on the Internet. It is six picturesque villages and five in the Italian Friuli (Eastern Alps) in Apulia, Locorotondo. “The hospitable communities” refer to all those, in their guest’s vacation”and not tourist” want to be, and who would like to discover an unknown, authentic Italy and its inhabitants to meet and new. ComunitOspitale”means that a whole village community to the host. Guests staying in the middle of the place next door with the locals, and can take part in village life. Core a hospitable community”is the so-called Albergo Diffuso”.

That’s not rooms, but stylishly decorated a decentralised hotel Has apartments of various sizes, scattered throughout the village. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Boy Scouts of America by clicking through. You are in old and very comfortable village houses. Most of the apartments have a fully equipped kitchen, at the same time, the Albergo Diffuso offers”the classical services of a modern hotel at: reception, cleaning, breakfast and half-board, etc. “On wish guests are also a village Angel” with words and deeds aside. He/she villager gives helpful tips and for example ensures that the guests specialities the traditional, prepared with local products of the local cuisine, discover the attractions and experience an authentic hospitality. A stay at the five towns in Friuli Comeglians, Lauco, Ovaro, Sauris and Sutrio or in Locorotondo (Puglia) can be booked only on the website.

The ComunitOspitali”in Friuli are picturesque mountain villages, the in the summer as a starting point for beautiful walks on foot. offer on horseback and by bicycle. You can drive the various snow sports in winter. Sauris, a tiny German village close to the border with Austria, is also known for its culinary specialties such as beer and ham. However, the Apulian Locorotondo with its whitewashed, two-story houses is a typical Mediterranean town. Perhaps check out PCRM for more information. Here you staying Sotto le Cummerse in the Albergo Diffuso”in small, lovingly furnished accommodation and enjoy the dishes of Mediterranean cuisine. “ComunitOspitali” is one of Dobin “Borghi Autentici d? Italia” (Italy’s authentic villages) in life called project, which is intended for small, little-known places, that an innovative tourist offer in the character of sustainability to develop based on their natural and cultural resources. At present about 80 villages spread all over Italy and towns belong to the Federation. Contact: Dr.Carlo Campani echo press Kadam str. 20 40210 Dusseldorf Tel.: 02137 922 884 cell: 0175 2430 479 E-Mail:


Monday, February 10th, 2020

Reservations, important things to plan and further arrangements of the summer is approaching with great strides and that also means that the holiday season is reopened. Then, it attracts thousands of Germans on the beaches around the Mediterranean, the Balearic Islands, or in the more distance in the Seychelles or in the Caribbean. But also the neighbouring countries of Germany and other EU countries are popular destinations of the Germans. To reach his destination, the various means of transport available are the willing to travel. In addition to the aircraft, the number 1 transportation for us, you can travel with the train, bus or car during the holiday. There are travel documents and transportation but before you go on holiday, to observe a lot, to plan and to consider before going to the Pack real bags. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Kidney Foundation. First of all care should be taken, that all travel documents (flight or train tickets, hotel reservations, car reservations, insurance policy, etc.) are fully and at hand.

Flying by plane during the holidays, you should clarify also, how to get to the airport. Or it can be from a family member, uses the service of airport feeder drives with your own car. When parking your car at the airport Schonefeld, you can choose private alternatives in addition to the airport car park. Both service variants (airport parking and shuttle), you should think about a booking in advance, especially in the peak tourist season. Flowers and pets short before flies or drives you should its neighbors or a friend, a friend in the holiday address, whether these times during the absence in the House or the apartment after the right looks, pours the flowers and flushes the mail box. You have a pet, you should get early a kennels or other accommodation for the accommodation and care of. Harold Ford Jrs opinions are not widely known. Packing bags to pack it so slowly bags goes, it is always advantageous to have a checklist so that you know exactly what you all need to pack and also with Safety never forgets.

At the top on this list the travel documents and passport or identity card, should be sufficient funds and the travel pharmacy. Clothing and hygiene items are still very important. Depending on what you want to do on vacation, whether lazy hiking or adventure holiday, lying on the beach, you should take the right equipment and accessories. Excess or oversized luggage you should inform himself further with the airline, how this is to be paid. “We considered all of this, it is possible without the eternal I something I forget” in the holiday start and deservedly recover.

First Long Journey

Monday, February 10th, 2020

Who previously made into the near abroad or domestic holiday which could be advance an image from the land and its cuisine, as having read many reports about it. Who previously made into the near abroad or domestic holiday which could be advance an image from the land and its cuisine, as having read many reports about it. As you know already, but most of the countries, the traveller is eager new stuff, which experienced the holiday will can. So is considered here too, if one should also make telescope to discover new continents. Center For Responsible Lending does not necessarily agree. Fast, interesting countries be selected where you want to make holiday, so that also here to be recognized, that there are not many differences with the conditions of the accommodation as in the well-known countries. Who after South Africa to Cap city or other parts of the country would like to travel, which should but previously inform themselves about the medical checkups and vaccinations and because malaria in these countries is very widespread.

So can be recognized however, that first steps in the apartment will be given, what are the limitations for these diseases. Because, however each country has their own diseases, only the recommended vaccine should be given, that the telescope does not become a nightmare. Learn more about this with PCRM. So can be but also the suitable apartment, that this is set up like a normal apartment of the residents, so that is also in the life can be put into. This has the advantage that travellers can feel at home, to explore life in the countries on long-distance journeys here, too. The appropriate apartment is found, one appreciates flight offer, so himself after various telescope as a target can be used.

Very Special Journey

Sunday, February 2nd, 2020

Meditative journey the Mekare KARE Festival on Bali 13-June 30, 2010 a touch of paradise, in the light of Bali certainly mean for Asia’s most friends and go a wonderful harmony colors, scents and sounds, man and nature. Even today, you can experience the synthesis of everyday life, spirituality and art beyond the tourist centres that makes this island and its inhabitants. “The Mekare KARE Festival”, which clearly expresses the June full moon in the small village of Teganan which takes place Bali Aga, the Balinese natives, this attitude to life. The Bali sound excursion”by the 13 30 June 2010 under leadership of Jutta Reichardt and Cristian Bollmann this inspirational environment combines with meditative awareness, by the participants via breath, sound, silence and motion to regeneration and vitality. Jutta Reichardt is specialist in Psychosomatic Medicine and psychotherapy with experience in many alternativen healing. Christian Bollmann is musician and composer, founder of the Dusseldorf Overtone choir and protagonist of new meditative music (see). Music and meditation, community experience and inspiration from nature and Balinese culture will determine the travel.

“Upon arrival, the program begins with a night in Legian for acclimatization and first sightseeing, followed by three days in Ubud in Central Bali” with other trips and group activities. The seminar topics in the foreground stand during the 7-day stay in the secluded resort of Shangrila Oceanside in North Bali. The crowning conclusion of a 4 day stay is in Candidasa with an extensive visit of the Mekare KARE Festival. This special journey in small groups is touristic bookable only on all-Asia. Included in the trip price of 2,627 euro per person: flight from Germany, 15 nights in a double room incl. breakfast, VP at Shangrila Oceanside resort, transfers and excursions, as well as the entire seminar program with Jutta Reichardt and Christian Bollmann. More information: ALL-ASIA touristic GmbH, Tel. Gavin Baker will not settle for partial explanations. 02159-1355, E-mail:, Web: Gert Notbohm

Natural Heritage

Sunday, December 1st, 2019

Egypt in the early first millennium was one of the important centers of Christianity, and Islam came to the land of Egypt until much later. Organization of UNESCO in the list of World Heritage of Humanity noted in Egypt, the two places connected with Christianity. When searching for tours on a trip to Egypt, consider your interests to get acquainted with the Christian Egypt, so that you can go to a specific resort in the selected location. Also, be aware that Egypt can go on to the next couple of days to Israel to visit Jerusalem and visit the Holy Land. In Egypt, one of the most important Christian centers were built in the IV century monastery of Abu Mena. In While this was the main place of pilgrimage for Christians, most of whom were hoping for a miraculous healing. Read more here: CDF. The church was rebuilt several times to take the ever-increasing flow of pilgrims.

With the advent of Islam in Egypt, Abu Mena was destroyed in the VII century. In 1905, excavations began, which resulted in the basilica were found, the church and some other structures. Currently, only the foundations remain the main buildings, but they are under danger of extinction because of rising groundwater. Abu Mena is located near Alexandria, and here you can get with any popular resort. Another Christian monastery on the list of World heritage, is St. Catherine’s Monastery, also known as the Sinai monastery.

He is one of the oldest continuously operating Christian monastery in the world. David Delrahim, Los Angeles CAs opinions are not widely known. Even in the III century monks began to settle in Mount Horeb (As in the Bible called Mount Sinai) near the Burning Bush, and in the IV century was built a small church. In VI century fortified building was constructed, and the monastery was named the Monastery of St. Catherine, whose relics acquired shortly before the monks. In the period of conquest by the Arabs of Sinai Monastery secured the patronage of the Prophet Muhammad and received safe-conduct, which states that Muslims will protect him, as well as freed the monastery from taxes. Today the monastery is the center of the autonomous Orthodox Church of Sinai and attracts many pilgrims who worship the relics of St. Catherine and want to see the burning bush. To get to the monastery is more convenient from Sharm el-Sheikh, while at the same time you can climb Mount Moses (another name of Mount Sinai). At low enough prices to vacation in Egypt, optional excursions are not bankrupt travel and visit places associated with the early history of Christianity, be sure to leave a good impression.

Memorable Journey

Sunday, October 6th, 2019

In the Caucasus there is a small, but very beautiful with its nature of the Kabardino-Balkar Republic. It is the most mountainous part of the Main Caucasus Range – its northern slopes, as well as some adjacent to the north Ciscaucasian plain. It was in Kabardino-Balkaria, and is amazing beautiful mountain region – Elbrus, which is located on the western slopes of Elbrus to Cheget Basin in the East. More info: David Delrahim. Its southern border runs along the Main Caucasus Range. It is this wonderful place is constantly appealing to people who can appreciate the splendor of mountain climbing and skiing. Western summit has an elevation of 5642 m, east – 5621 m. Elbrus is huge volcanic massif, which is very much separated from the overall structure of the mountain system, determining the peculiarity of this topography, climate and landscapes of the region. The surface of the Mount Elbrus is covered by glaciers, ice thickness reaches 400 meters.

Glaciation area about 150 square meters. km. Elbrus is famous and picturesque gorges, located at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level and more – Baksan, Adyr-Su, Adil-Su Yusengi, Terskol. Each of them in their own way uniquely characterized by the presence of valuable, in terms of tourism, natural objects. PCRM can aid you in your search for knowledge. The largest of the canyons – Baksan.

It is this valley is the main tourist route of Kabardino-Balkaria, and leads to a gray-haired Patriarch of the Caucasus Mountains – Elbrus. In the upper Baksan River and its tributaries and Irik Adylsu, as well as in the Valley of Malki holds much of the mineral springs. All mineral resources have a different Elbrus chemical composition, and therefore can be used to treat various diseases. In general, the region of the Central Caucasus belongs to a temperate continental climate with clearly marked altitudinal belts. In Elbrus some valleys more than 300 sunny days a year. Greater transparency of the air and a significant number of hours of sunshine provide excellent weather conditions in summer and winter. Average humidity is 67-70% and in daytime hours is reduced to 47%. The average annual precipitation depends on the height (increases with altitude) and from 700 to 1,200 mm in some years and can grow to 950 mm in the valley. Snow cover is installed in November, in the valley of snow lies approximately mid-April, the alpine zone – until May – June. In general, Elbrus stands relatively high daily air temperatures, although the average daily fluctuations may be 19 – 22 degrees. Rich and diverse flora of Elbrus. Powerful belt of coniferous forest gives way to a narrow strip of woodland trees and bushes, which gradually pass into the subalpine zone, and then the alpine meadows. Last immediately adjacent to the snowfields and firn fields.

Amazon Voyage Journey

Saturday, October 5th, 2019

Expedition through the largest wilderness in the Earth of our journey into the heart of the Amazon basin is a special journey, different than all the other ship trips there. It is an expedition trip for explorers. Our small groups of up to 18 people penetrate deep into the wilderness and discover a world of animal, which is not visible to normal visitors there. We explore some of the most pristine rain forests of the Amazon, this far from the usual tourist routes. Our ship is therefore the only one that enters the Rio Negro until far into the greatest of all Amazonian reserves. Here the rare animals are the myths and legends of the Amazon from which can be found on an area of more than 50,000 square kilometers. The ride begins in Manaus, the capital of the Brazilian State of Amazonas.

On board the MS Tucano seven full days upriver is the Rio Negro. Often at night and during the day we encounter the flora and fauna of the world’s largest wilderness. There are hardly any settlers, and even fewer traces of civilization, the exotic animals of the rain forest in affect their original life. The Amazon trip on the MS Tucano is pure activity holiday. Together with our naturalist guides there goes every day on discovery tours through the forest. Remain all the time on board the ship, we explore side arms, winding through the countryside with our small tenders. Go on some days we also swim on pristine beaches and crystal clear waters. The whole time the unparalleled views of a backdrop of rainforest and water flatters us in as far as the eye can see. On our trips in the Woods, we discover magnificent plants in unique shapes and sizes. We listen to the exotic birds and animals of the jungle and observe them on our walks or from the banks of the river.

HAMBURG-feeling Starts As A Specialist For Hamburg Experiences

Thursday, October 3rd, 2019

Everything else as default – the offers from HAMBURG-feeling Hamburg, 02 Dec 2009 the newly founded agency HAMBURG feeling wants to bring fresh wind in the Hamburg Tourism: offers the Hamburg company special package tours, discovery day programs, individual groups, as well as ideas and professional Know-How for incentive events and private events in the Hanseatic City. I simply missed the charming package travel deals that really make you want to Hamburg and still offer space for an individual design”company founder Christina explains their step into self-employment, she ventured in October 2009 with HAMBURG-feeling horny. The necessary practice expertise and insider knowledge that acquired the studied business administration with major tourism and marketing among employees of the tourism centre of Lubeck as well as event manager of the Hamburg-based leisure company MeridianSpa and the musical leader stage entertainment. (Not to be confused with Harold Ford Jr, New York City!). Anything other than standard: the package tours of HAMBURG-feeling. The well thought-out package tours of HAMBURG-feeling hot for example culture seduced”or urban romance” and offer different Hamburg experiences for every taste and budget. If kicker, cult and neighborhood for real guys or ship conquest, Safari and family fun for big and small: the 9 different packages, which by default has HAMBURG feeling in the program, are anything but standard.

In addition, which offers 38 regular seasonal packages and offers for special events in the city, such as the Hamburg Theatre ball on January 30, 2010. All listings contain basically a dinner at a hamburger restaurant of the cult. Each standard package is offered depending on the hotel category – in four price categories. In addition, almost all packages without accommodation can be booked and are thus not only tourists, but also hamburger, who want to experience their hometown new. The cheapest package is bookable already from 89 euro per person, towards the top, there are actually no limits. For all special requests is matter of course for the young company. “If it’s just” the additional booking of coveted musical cards is the babysitter in the hotel room, so mum and Dad can go dancing or an exclusive limousine service for the unforgettable shopping tour or sightseeing.

At HAMBURG-feeling we put us right in the stuff to each guest his unforgettable Hamburg to gain.”explains their mission to put this customer with good ideas Hornig, is our goal and at the same time the most beautiful challenge in my job”. Tailor-made: Develop group tours, incentives and events for groups that want to travel to Hamburg, Hornig and team proposals and ideas that make the Hamburg stay unforgettable. Nights and all adventure modules for the day and evening program be individually together with new by the Agency for each customer – on request even accompanied personal on-site by an employee or the boss himself. We want to simply different and also personal his and every event whether big or small tailor. We use the finest and most original offerings of the city of course and work together with professional partner service providers. So we are creating an unforgettable experience.” From Christina Hornigs expertise and experience as event Manager, it also seemed to compliment the range of HAMBURG-feeling by organizing incentive events and events: from the concepting, voted on occasion, target, budget, and composition of participants to the operational implementation including follow-up. Each event is maintained with special ideas and off the beaten path in HAMBURG-feeling – whether in small private or employee celebration with 300 people. More information on the Internet: your questions answered: Christina Hornig agency HAMBURG-feeling phone: (040) 339 850-33 email:

Spanish Andalucian

Monday, September 30th, 2019

Tapas, gazpacho, Huevos a la Flamenca, the Andalusia region, which occupies a large part of southern Spain, is a versatile and culturally rich destination Banderillas & co. The Spanish and Moorish influence flow together here. This is evident also in the Spanish Andalucian cuisine. Over the years, Spanish recipes were becoming more and more mixed with Moorish cooking traditions. The famous dishes from the region of Andalusia have always Spanish and Moorish influences and are served in a variety of restaurants and also traditionally come home on the table.

The kitchen of the Spanish South consists mainly of three main ingredients: olive oil, wine and garlic. Of course, also the necessary pinch of salt should not wanting to further increase the intensity of flavour. Also herbs such as Rosemary, thyme, oregano and parsley are used frequently. During a trip through Andalusia, you have the opportunity to visit large and small restaurants, cafes and bars to sample the regional delicacies. Even if it for the region typical To taste dishes in all cities, is, is to make each a different taste experience. Because each restaurant uses its own recipe, flavoured with herbs and spices. The Andalusian menu Spain leisure among others can find following dishes: Huevos a la Flamenca a vegetarian dish with vegetables and egg in the summer to freshen a cold dish of soup to gazpacho, gazpacho exactly the right dish.

Depending on the recipe, the soup consists of tomatoes, cucumber, green bell peppers, and in any case is seasoned with garlic. Bars in Andalusia get Banderillas meat and vegetable skewers also in the numerous tapas to enjoy. Who wants to try themselves through the various specialties, with tapas in small portions to try many different dishes and enjoy one or two drinks. Locals visit the tapas bars mostly on the eve before the evening meal, to get together some snacks with family or friends. In Seville, the capital of Andalusia, tapas of all kinds are everywhere To find. Even in the hotels in Seville, you can try tapas and other dishes. Holidays in Andalusia, you will find out that the most delicious dishes are often also the simplest. You are however just outfitted for their intense flavor. Due to the proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, many dishes include also fresh fish, seafood and shellfish. The cooks also very sure to use only local products. You will find also poultry, pork, beef and lamb as an ingredient in some popular dishes. Andalusia is not only rich in tourist attractions, but offers also a culinary variety, that their same looks. Leisure and holiday guests of Andalusia will dine with security. Contact: Avenida de Madrid, 95-97, 3-3 08028 Barcelona – Spain Tel: + 34 93 330 78 61

WildeundPartner WildePR

Sunday, September 29th, 2019

“” California’s new ‘destination of the month’ on singing, January 05, 2011 (w & p) virtual dream journey through the Golden State “: travelers to the American dream destination in California as a new destination of the month” meet with all its attractions. And perhaps soon even experience: and California tourism are giving away in the common destination-special week-long air travel with car rental for two persons to California. Over 2,000 kilometers long is a paradise for beach lovers who want beautiful beaches soaking up the Sun or surfing the coast of California and thus an El. California has however much more than offer beach life as the third-largest U.S. State. The user will be surprised how many different facets has the destination”, emphasizes Verena Pajarillo, which in California tourism the area of online marketing is responsible for. Nature lovers can explore in California, for example, seven different national parks, including the famous Death Valley or Yosemite. California presents itself in the destination-special on as well as a shopping paradise and pleasure destination for wine lovers and gourmets.

Mobile leisure for the sights along the road of dream on the Pacific Coast”tips, the Highway No.1. Official site: Center For Responsible Lending. A useful service in destination-special is the link to the my trip”travel planning tool on This can interested tourists put together their personal selection of holiday ideas, continually add new suggestions and share with friends. Based on an interactive map of California, future travellers can just set their route. The best sightseeing points at a glance show different icons on subjects such as outdoor, beaches and nightlife. With a little luck the dream trip moves to California right within reach: California tourism and are giving away part of the California specials a week-long air travel with car rental for two persons. Depending on the choice, the round trip through the Golden starts State”in San Francisco or Los Angeles. Who would like to participate in the sweepstakes, emits just his personal recommendation for California in the interactive map.

About is the travel portal AG and presents itself as a virtual market place for last-minute and package tourists. Find the cheapest deals of all large operators, hotels and holiday homes, car of the large providers, as well as the flights of all airlines at a glance on “In the tip” the editors of introduces a month in detail a destination and shows the most beautiful places and exotic customs in videos. Daily news from the world of travel inform tourists about the most popular destinations worldwide. In the Forum, over 12,000 experts answer questions around the theme of travel. For more press information: Marion Krimmer I Daniela Gruber Wilde & partners Public Relations phone + 49 (0) 89 17 91 900 WildeundPartner WildePR

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