Power Gas

The engine can be either electrically driven gel batteries, and gasoline (Honda, B & S). Accordingly, such machines can work in indoor and outdoor areas with different surface. Large convenient cleaning and washing polyester filter, as well as the powerful suction turbine provide dust-free operation. Floating main cylindrical brush can sweep away the dirt from the grooves and potholes, and lateral disc brush effectively sweeps the dirt from the pier and curb sweeping under the central shaft of the machine. Machines are equipped with impact resistant housing, treated with a special compound for corrosion protection.

Managing displayed on the arm and with his help, perhaps, ask the car optimum speed, adjusting brush and lift the side to open the flap large debris. Learn more at this site: BSA. With the machines ksm was possible to remove all types of hard surfaces and even sweep the floor covering (stadiums, exhibition halls) and for each type of coating has its own view of the brush block (six species). When area for harvest is 8,000 square meters. m and more appropriate to use sweepers with a seat for the operator, the range which is very wide, and performance, for example, kmr 1700 D reaches 14,000 square meters. m / h.

It should be noted that kmr 1700 D is recommended for use in heavy industry plants. A distinctive feature of sweepers and kmr is a better quality of sweeping and suction, high efficiency, as well as a wide range of traction Engine: Diesel (KUBOTA, YANMAR), petrol and gas (HONDA, B & S), Power 24. In (KARCHER). And the motors are already in its standard configuration equipped with a catalytic exhaust gas and electric starter. Such machines specifically designed for heavy-duty over large areas. They are distinguished by the following features: automatic all turbine filters, automatic recovery side brushes, a three-stage semi-automatic control system of the central brush shaft longer duration of work at a gas station (15 hours), and large bins with hydraulic emptying, thus enhancing performance without the loss of working time, high speed (up to 16 km / h), allows you to quickly come to a place of reference works and unloading convenient remote control for the driver, with the cvt transmission, which makes the work not tedious.


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