Take a dumbbell grip on top and squeeze them up. Hands fully extended, and dumbbells are almost touching each other on the chest. Palms facing forward and upward. This is the starting position or the top point of the exercise. Inhale and hold your breath, slowly lower the dumbbells to the side (outside) edge chest, throwing elbows at this strictly in hand.

Once the dumbbells close to your chest, immediately, without pause, change their direction of motion and squeeze the dumbbells in a wide arc up. As the lifting dumbbells slowly brings them to each other over the breast, so that at the top they are slightly klatsnuli each other. Having overcome the most difficult part of recovery, with a strong exhalation straighten your arms and dumbbells. At the top of the pause briefly and extra effort even further tighten the chest muscles. Council to monitor, so that throughout the entire set dumbbell to move strictly in a vertical plane passing through the shoulders. Squeezing the dumbbell over your stomach or on head, you risk losing control over them. Proper breathing is essential in this exercise. Holding the breath for a while lowering dumbbell bench press and does not relax the muscles, stabilizers, isometric reduction which ensures retention of the body in a stable position. This is critical because the bench is tilted downward and, in contrast to other variations of the bench press, you can not hang back foot to the floor to increase the resistance of the body.


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