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Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

Very apart from language, the Japanese Act and think very differently to us Westerners, and living in Japan even this seems fascinating culture, although everything has its dark sides, I believe that everything starts from the education of parents, both of the College, which comes from their history, their inherited culture, and education that is transmitted from generation to generation. In Western culture we are taught both in the Constitution and religion, that all are equal, therefore people are perceived equal, clear that there are social classes, but people act in the personalistic form since they choose if they consider that in a job are treated poorly or feel discriminated or by complaining or resign, but here in Japan is differentpeople perceive different, there is a respect for the STATUS, respect for age, respect for seniority in a job, etc and above all respect to those who have the power, or superiors, or heads, the orders do not question only are accepted, in a natural and friendly way. There is wisdom in whom he has the power, and if for example in factories if there is someone who complains, criticizes, or demanding rights, is regarded as a person not desirable, it is not wise person, since wisdom begins OK, maintain order is the most important thing, and this person should be expelled or dismissed since it alters the GroupGroup and the tranquility is the most important thing, no matter that this person is a person working, productive, most importantly the order. They have or the Japanese have no reason? Try to think for themselves, achieve personal goals is perhaps poorly seen?, I think that wisdom in them the focus is accepting people and the events as they happen, they apply the resistance, and I think that that is good for achieving goals of country team. The Japanese are submissive to the hierarchy, workers do not believe, they are not consulted, should only obey, and what they do just watch them work, working hard, with joy, because work is an honour, if for example a foreign worker in a factory making dolls, is asked what do you do at the factory? the surely will tell because I, make the kensa of toy if play would make it kensa is like the final check, but if you asked a Japanese worker you you do at the factory? the might say, because I contributed to bringing joy to a child. Do gives tells you the focus?. It is very different to working for a noble cause, that work only for money, well, I will continue talking over these and other issues in another article.

Ponte Pretty Win Money

Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

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