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The Party

Sunday, March 18th, 2018

One of the most militant councilmen of opposition to the municipal government of the time, to who fought with vehemence and until aggressively, it was ungiu the power the one that if opposed of the night for the day, without giving accounts nobody, perhaps not even to its party. Colonized, it started to usufruct of benesses that the power started to confer to it, extending to the party friends the colonialismo the one that if it submits. The trench had that it as aguerrido was esfumaou and the legend, weakened, suffers today until the irreversible loss of partisan identity. what it is, and so that serves, the coalition partisan? Who gains with the land division of public offices reliable politics? originated of these agreements – paid with mine, its, our money and that it allows the most harmful corruption; the corruption of the incompetence, the serrlement of accounts, conchavo politician, of the lack of probity, indecoro and impunity? Why the direction positions are trusted the canvasser and not-elect candidates detriment of all a mass of effective bureaucracy? Somebody already questioned because, in Brazil, it is needed &#039 in such a way; ' reliable position ' ' without public competition? Would not be deserving reliable the concursados ones? Would not have they ability for such mission? Or would be more difficult they of manipulation, since citizens are to the regulation of the Law? Not, ' ' beiramar' ' they will never argue or present law project to restrain the traffic in Brazil. Of this we are the saved one. e conclusion.

But, to wait of the politicians who occupy the Congress, lead by the status effective quo, that, has a little of dignity and fulfills its obligation and presents a minimum decent reform politics and that it satisfies the yearnings of the Brazilian society, would be ingenuous and vain hope. They will argue, amend proposals, will tergiversate, but they will not make it. They cannot make it, therefore, before, already they venderam its soul and in the package, all idealismo and patriotism that to one had stimulated them day to the public life. The ones that, deliberately, will forbear and will not put the hand in the mass, will proclaim its attempt and will be presented as ilibados citizens to its voters. As the aviozinhos of the traffic, they will be justified with the market law and that, there? for us – they take care of the demand and if they content with this, without guilt or remorse. These sanctities, ignorants of whom nothing they withhold without the representation of the people had chosen who them, will come, surely, another time, to search the votes of its re-elections. Many will obtain, the proper people will give inculto them (he will vender or them). Who, then, will be of the side of here, of the side of the people, weaveeing the reforms politics that, truily, the time and the necessary Brazilian people and the moment it demands? I? You? Who will be for us, mere citizens, contributors, displicentes payers of taxes and voters?

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