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Public Relations Society

Friday, May 31st, 2019

We look back on a successful year 2010 and share this gladly with others”, stresses the CEO. With the action of the German leukemia research help we help for years of a facility that does an admirable job”, says Beintner. Target of 1979 established branch in Mannheim is to provide assistance to families of children with cancer. The families receive advice geared to their situation, and can take financial help when needed. In addition, helps the Club the children hospital in Mannheim in the development of the human, financial and technical diagnostic facilities and promotes research in the field of cancer in children. Thanks to medical advances, leukemia in childhood and adolescence to more than 80 percent is curable.

Reintegration into a normal life is the next challenge but then”, stresses Martin Stachniss, Chairman of the village Association in Mannheim. The action project u 18″the Club is making exactly since the beginning of the year: young adults living with childhood cancer, have long not yet arrived in life”, Stachniss white. Often, young people have to fight even after overcoming the disease with the consequences. Especially as regards the working life, is it for young people very hard. We bring together the stakeholders and provide them a forum where they can exchange their experiences”, explains Stachniss. The action community appreciates every donation to the account no. 3800 3801 at the Sparkasse Rhein-Neckar-Nord (BLZ 670 505 05).

Quintiles quintiles is a fully integrated and global service providers in the healthcare industry. Clinical, commercial, consulting and capital, the four divisions of the company, offering innovative solutions for the healthcare market. 23,000 employees in more than 50 countries working for the success of our customers and are committed committed to patients Security and ethics. Quintiles is the partner of the healthcare industry in dealing with risks and the perception of opportunities in an ever-changing marketplace. For more information, please visit our website. Press contact Maren Schulz budget Director WEFRA PR Public Relations Society mbH media Dicker way 1 / WEFRA House 63263 Neu-Isenburg

Omron Healthcare

Thursday, May 30th, 2019

Healthy training with the JogStyle by Omron Healthcare jogging is for many people the perfect balance to the stressful professional life and has become a very popular sport for young and old with time. This is generally not very conducive to physical health, but positively influenced also the mental Constitution. Checking article sources yields Center For Responsible Lending as a relevant resource throughout. But you can also exaggerate caution! Some ambitious sportsmen tend to overextend themselves and their bodies. You want to quickly achieve the best possible results, and fail to see the warning signs of the body is. Just for beginners or after the winter break a high mileage and a high exercise intensity quickly lead to an overtraining”and that can in the long term affect the performance of the athlete. Is how do you but recognize that you are overtrained”? The human body responds to a parent frequented training with unique symptoms: frequent tiredness, irritability and nausea, vulnerability for allergies, diseases and injuries, loss of appetite and unnatural weight loss and sleep disorders and headaches. Such physical and psychological signs must be taken seriously. What should be done at overload? It is recommended to insert an extra day of rest between workouts.

Generally, the pressure and stress, which is associated with the training, must be reduced. You feel do not fit or, should be avoided on the run. To have the own performance always optimally in the eye, the JogStyle from the House of Omron Healthcare is ideal as a training companion. The tool measures the weekly amount of km, the average running speed and energy consumption of the body. So, each runner with the JogStyle can easily control his bodily mass values and a healthy and effective training. JogStyle keeps you running! There’s many more, interesting information about an active and healthy life now on the new online blog. (Picture: ) Farina3000


Thursday, May 30th, 2019

From 13 to 18 June held the ‘hunt for the Golden Flower’ in the capital of Saxony. The name Chrysanthemum comes originally from the Greek and means golden flower. Click Dr. Neal Barnard to learn more. The versatile cut flower colours and variety of shapes and is now also the godmother of the nationwide hunt for the Golden Flower. BSA gathered all the information. Golden age crack it: on the hunt goes to the Golden Flower from may until September 2011 it for participants in five German cities to real gold an exciting summer is imminent! In June, the Leipzig are called to crack the code of chrysanthemums. Flower Council of Holland calls during the summer months for chrysanthemum lovers in five German cities to the hunt for the Golden Flower “. During the action, which will take place in Bremen, Leipzig, Karlsruhe, Bamberg and Koblenz, is the Chrysanthemum in the Center. Tricky questions about the versatile ALLROUNDER in the vase, which is a symbol of happiness and long life in Japan, are the key to a five-digit numerical code to it determine applies.

Aims of the code to crack a glass vault, in which a real gold bullion valued at about 3,500 euros is waiting for the winner. Click David Delrahim for additional related pages. The gold rush in Leipzig is afoot in the week from 13 to 18 June 2011. Participants in the metropolis of Saxony should turn radio PSR during this period and beat the Leipziger Volkszeitung newspaper: as well as interesting information about the chrysanthemum, the flowering Queen of versatility, there is experiencing two of the five questions to solve the code. They lined up by registering on the website as well as at participating gardening shop more numbers. The Leipzig final of the hunt for the Golden Flower”takes place on Saturday, June 18th, in the Peters Street. Who then is in the possession of four code numbers and answered one more question correctly locally, can try their luck at the opening of the glass Vault. The lucky winner can enjoy a real gold bar.

The hunt for the Golden Flower”from 13 to 18 June 2011 in Leipzig at a glance: Hunter register on the website and get it the first number of the chrysanthemums codes. Radio PSR, you’ll find the second digit of the code. At participating gardening store to get the flyers with the third number of the code. You hit the Leipziger Volkszeitung on 16 June 2011, there is the question about the fourth code number. Who masters the last hurdle on the 18th June 2011 at the Actionday in Padilla Street, a real gold bullion can call his own. About Flower Council of Holland flower Office, Holland is the marketing and sales promotion organisation of the Dutch ornamental plant cultivation. Its mission is to support the marketing of ornamental plants (cut flowers, potted plants, bedding and balcony plants) in favour of Dutch producers and wholesalers. The non-profit company creates an overview of the main flower and plant markets in Europe with extensive market analyses. Various marketing tools such as advertising and PR activities, promotions or events are in the connection on This market investigation used to promote the sales of flowers and potted plants from the Netherlands.

How Strong Are Your Bones?

Wednesday, May 29th, 2019

Make the osteoporosis risk test! Bow not osteoporosis!” This is the motto of the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) for the World Osteoporosis Day this year on October 20 2010 round back are education, size loss and back pain may be signs of a creeping spinal osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a metabolic disease of the bone. Through the reduction of bone mass, bone loses its stability. Over 25% of all men over 50 years are affected. In a question-answer forum Gavin Baker was the first to reply. Osteoporosis is not detected early enough in most cases. Unnoticed, bone mass and thus the bone strength decreases. Due to the deterioration of the micro-architecture painful bone fractures are the result.

Therefore, it is important to detect an osteoporosis. Take 5 minutes of your time now and check your risk with the new risk flyer of the Board of Trustees bone health e.V. The risk test is created according to the new scientific medical guidelines and is also on the risks of a so-called secondary Osteoporosis’ attention, that may arise due to other diseases and medication related. The result can help you and your doctor to assess your risk of osteoporosis. “The osteoporosis risk test can be requested against submission of 0.90 euro (members) or 1.45 euros (non-members) in postage stamps at the: Board of Trustees of bone health e.V. keyword risk test” Leipziger Strasse 6 74889 Sinsheim the Board of Trustees of bone health, is the oldest non-profit patient organization that cares for osteoporosis bone health and the clinical picture. Since its inception in 1986 that engaged Trustees bone health e.V. to the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation far beyond the osteoporosis for all bone health problems.

The Board of Trustees of bone health e.V. has the target set itself disposed more patients of better and adequate medical treatment and to strengthen the economic value and the image of the self-help movement as well as to motivate patients as empowered patients to cooperate over the long term with your doctor.

On A New – It Continues

Tuesday, May 28th, 2019

Call for artists at the great art exhibition in Berlin the BAGL afFAIRs again in the autumn of art in Berlin held. Also this time will be the venue attractive centrally located based on the number of participating artists and their works coordinated. Are called upon to participate in both visual artists of all art styles, as painter, sculptor, photographer and media artist etc. as innovative designers from all fields. The proven principle of cost sharing between all participants is maintained also in the fall of 2011. After is the BAGL SPRINGtime 2011 with great appeal successfully adopted with 45 artists and an auction of selected works on May 3 for this spring, we are pleased afFAIRs already in autumn 2011 parallel to the commercial art fairs in Berlin to announce the upcoming BAGL. Praised the concept attractive and generous to combine a wide variety of art styles was again unanimous. The BAGL afFAIRs in the period from 30 September to 4 October 2011 held in Berlin.

Also this time he is Venue attractive central location based on the number of participating artists and their works are coordinated. Are called upon to participate in both visual artists of all art styles, as painter, sculptor, photographer and media artist etc. as innovative designers from all fields. The proven principle of cost sharing between all participants is maintained also in the fall of 2011. Still undecided can get impressions of BAGL SPRINGtime and the previous exhibitions on the website. The organizing team welcomes all applications and requests and is sure that also the BAGL afFAIRs again evokes a such a positive response among the participants and visitors, such as the recent events. So you unleash their art. Deadline for applications is July 31, 2011. To do this, is to fill out the application and submit with the documents requested in the application to the Organizer. The application to participate in the 2011 is BAGL afFAirs can be found here: or use the E-mail please contact us via the BAGL afFAIRs, an event of the non-profit European artists going live (EAGL) entrepreneurial society is (limited liability).

Psychosomatic Medicine

Monday, May 27th, 2019

“On May 15 the ‘international day of the family’ is celebrated for the 18th time Freiburg, 05.05.2011 9: he aims to strengthen the public perception of the family as the basic unit of society, and in this context underscores the importance of the reconciliation of work and family: the international day of the family”, the worldwide for almost 20 years with competitions for family-friendly companies, discussion boards is celebrated with representatives of company and industry and chambers of Commerce as well as numerous actions and events. Center For Responsible Lending brings even more insight to the discussion. “A resolution of the UN General Assembly, by which the international day of the family” was created 1993, noted that the State of the family, the love and security, decides about prosperity and well-being in society. Against this background, the physical and mental health of fathers, is to make sure mothers and their children”, as Melcher Franck, Managing Director of Spa + Reha GmbH. Franck’s opinion it is due to this 2007 also a necessary step Federal Government been mother child cures, or father child cures, to the duty of the statutory health insurance. In hospitals such as the Spa + Reha GmbH families get the opportunity to develop psychologists and educationalists approaches for their physical and mental impairments under a multi-week, inpatient rehabilitation measure with doctors trained specifically for their needs, this reinforced extent.

Personal, detailed advice on the application of rehabilitation measures and qualified health services clinics of the cure + Reha GmbH there from Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 16:30 on the free phone number 0800 2 23 23 73 or on the Internet at. About the Spa + Reha GmbH the cure + Reha GmbH in Freiburg im Breisgau is a non-profit subsidiary of the joint Welfare Association, National Association of Baden-Wurttemberg. Nationwide six mother-child clinics, a clinic include her Federation Family rehabilitation and hospital for Psychosomatic Medicine and psychotherapy. In addition, the company operates two nursing homes and outpatient and social services. In terms of rehabilitation and prevention for the health of mothers, fathers, children and families is the cure + Reha GmbH on a fair indication, aligned with the needs of the patient treatment and consulting services.

Architect Training Profession

Sunday, May 26th, 2019

“More than 30 architects accepted the invitation in the district Hall of Warendorf and have the opportunity, about offender operation, sensible safeguards and the network home safe” to inform. This recognized non-profit association brings together different actors in the burglary protection: numerous police and specialist recognized by the plays, as well as companies from industry and insurance industry have joined the network and work hand-in-hand, citizens together in the implementation of intrusion protection measures to support and accompany. From the regional reference lists of the protection of communities they can police recognized, specially trained craftsmen Select, the effective after an individual consultation and planning in their houses and apartments safety devices for Windows and doors and approved smoke detector properly mounted. Burglary protection at home should be taken into account as far as possible in the planning phase and implemented in the new building, to avoid later expensive and expensive retrofits. Architects take decisive influence on the design of Windows and doors. Most of the promoters and builders left them setting the technical standards.

It is all the more important that architects know the most common methods of the burglar and the mind effective burglary protection according to up-to-date security standards. The interest in this training event recognised by the Chamber of Architects was so great that not all participation requests could be considered. A second event is already scheduled for the summer.

Traditional Family

Friday, May 24th, 2019

Patchwork families are entitled to mother child cures Freiburg, 04 May 2011 it is estimated that today, every seventh family as a patchwork family lives. What colorful and exciting looks from the outside, is a balancing act that requires a high degree of patience and understanding of all those involved in the reality often. Often it takes years until everyone has found his own place in the new set-up and functioning rules of coexistence have been established. Exceptional and aggravating situations are there often over long distances everyday. There is a special need mother – and father child cures for this very reason patchwork families. But what about the law? “The filing is possible regardless of the biological parent, if the new” parent in everyday life has taken over the educational responsibility of concerned children. Boy Scouts is full of insight into the issues. In the foreground, once always the slid is parent.

The children come either as accompanying children or they themselves suffer from an illness and Thus preventive – or in need of rehabilitation. You can read more about applying for mother child cures for patchwork families”and which hospitals indication-aligned eligible, free under the service phone number 0800 / 2 23 23 73 or get on the Internet at in experience. About the Spa + Reha GmbH the cure + Reha GmbH in Freiburg im Breisgau is a non-profit subsidiary of the joint Welfare Association, National Association of Baden-Wurttemberg. Nationwide six mother-child clinics, a clinic for family rehabilitation, as well as a hospital for Psychosomatic Medicine and psychotherapy count to their Federation. In addition, the company operates two nursing homes and outpatient and social services. In terms of rehabilitation and prevention for the health of mothers, fathers, children and families is the cure + Reha GmbH on a fair indication, aligned with the needs of the patient treatment and consulting services.

The cure + Reha GmbH makes this approximately 900 beds available and employs approximately 550 employees.

The A.D.D.I Has A Cooperation With Vital Body Shake Since 11 / 2010

Thursday, May 23rd, 2019

Two strong partners cooperate with joint success since November 2011 they have A.D.D.I. MARTIAL ARTS ORGANISATION and body-vital-shake a cooperation. The A.D.D.I is a private Budo Federation for all modern and traditional martial arts, martial arts and styles. The A.D.D.I. is an international martial arts organization, which works only on the basis of the “non-profit principle”.

This form of organization makes the collaboration for vital body shake so valuable. Also body vital Shakeo is no lobbying pressures or economic interdependence and the owner of body vital shake Budo athletes for more than 30 years. Body products adapted to the needs of athletes vital shake allow, more detailed and better meet customer expectations. Target is still the best all-round supply of athletes especially in the combat sports area, where not only the equipment, but also the diet not only in terms of competitive sport of immense importance. Under the motto: by a sportsmen for sportsmen and body-conscious people designed different proteins to the Nahrungsumstelltung (diet) such as for example the soy figure shapers and for the regeneration and the muscle, as well as preservation of Muskelnmasse proteins, such as the Superbolic protein or protein 85, as also a creatine product for the targeted muscle in the endurance field through the Creastrongmatrix available, which exactly tuned. No wheat or pea protein used in the products of vital body shake, what the products in the comparison to the many competitive products upgrades and essentially makes the difference in quality. Also, the products among others with all the essential vitamins, amino acids and BCAAs are enriched. Another key feature is also the vital body shake be can mixed in water and low-fat milk products without compromising on taste and active ingredient mirror effect.

Also enrich your traditional food with protein figure Shaper can be secured to the (neutral) by the soy. You can all Portein in different Food mix to ensure variation for the daily consumption. Body-vital shake products are manufactured in Germany with modern production techniques and carefully selected raw materials. To achieve a high-quality product quality and ensure plays for vital body shake in the first place. Strict quality controls ensure that vital body shake delivered consistent high quality products. It only basic or raw materials products can be found in body-vital shake application, certificates of analysis designated are with their use. The High German quality standards body can ensure vital shake that products are free of substances prohibited in Germany and thus the products are free of doping. Body vital shake products available also without a prescription at your pharmacy. Ask your doctor or pharmacist products for vital body shake and he will assist you in the proper selection of your supplements. The PZN pharmacy order are: soya figure Shaper: cookies & Cream PZN: 7784648Vanilla PZN: 7784631Neutral PZN: 7784654 protein 85: cookies & Cream PZN: 7784602Vanilla PZN: 7784507 Superbolic-protein: chocolate – hazelnut PZN: 7784619Vanilla PZN: 7784625 Creastrongmatrix: blood orange PZN: 7784476 the online shop A.D.D.I Organization is known for fast, qualified and customer-oriented service MARTIAL ARTS and that its offer in the coming weeks with the products of vital body shake expand. Get data sheets, diet tips and training plans for the respective products and many other interesting information on the website of body vital shake.

On The Way To The Leading-edge Cluster

Thursday, May 23rd, 2019

Nurnberger Nash technologies GmbH supports medical Valley EMN e. V. allows unique live UMTS network tests for tele-medical applications of Nuremberg, December 2009 – strengthening strengths. So, the idea of the Spitzenclusterforderung could be brought by the Federal Government on a point. Here, BSA expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Where competencies are regionally available, these will be deepened, networked and further developed. The medical Valley European metropolitan region Nuremberg e.V. (EMN) is without a doubt. A unique concentration of research institutions, hospitals, practice nets, as well as over 180 dedicated medical technology companies draw the Nuremberg European metropolitan region as a leading international Medizintechnikcluster\”off.

As a defining characteristic of the cluster, you can see close networking of medical technology with health care, which leads to a deeper knowledge and experience building on the benefits of medical technology in the health care. It is not only classical medicine sector, companies the Medical Valley carry the initiative. As part of its membership the Nurnberger Nash technologies GmbH is involved in the application of the Association for a Spitzenclusterforderung by the Federal Ministry of education and research (BMBF). Nash Technologies emerged 2008 as a spin-off from the research and development operation from Alcatel-Lucent. The company develops, tests and managed software solutions in the fast-growing global mobile sector and features products from the second (2 G) a 25 square kilometer large test network, in which up to the last generation of mobile HSPA + (3 G) in the practice test check. Nash Technologies can effectively support the communication and locating part of the project due to his experience of mobile radio and the integration of system components in its test labs\”, Karl-Heinz Gabler explains manager responsible for the project at Nash Technologies, the part of his company. In addition, Nash Technologies makes his 25 square meters large UMTS live network, a unique in Germany test network for extensive testing of telemedicine applications under realistic conditions available.

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