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Public Works Moscow

Wednesday, July 25th, 2018

The opportunity to privatize their apartments and become their actual owners of the Muscovites were relatively recently, 15 years ago. On the condition in which the townspeople got home, we can say this: it is very different. Will not go into the details, simply insert the next issue of urban news on any channel. Home, which is now more than 10 years, can be divided into 3 categories: emergency, unfit and just be repaired. According to the Housing Code of the Russian Federation are responsible for the condition of apartment buildings homeowners. But since they got them already in this state, to demand from them anything. A vicious circle. Break it and intended decision of the Government of Moscow on Dec.

4, 2007 decree number 1032-PP "city target program for major repairs of apartment buildings in Moscow" liability of the owner – renovated house on 2008-2014 " It would seem that the process has begun. But here's how it went – it's a separate issue. Winged "wanted the best, but it turned out as always" does not lose its relevance. Problem in the decree are clear: to eliminate indebtedness of the city before the residents for major repairs. It is now the only obstacle for the development of new relationships between owners and municipal structures. Indeed, as may be required from people content in the order property, which got them in dilapidated condition? As a government customers to develop model projects work defined the Department of Housing and Public Utilities and Public Works Moscow (item orders 6.1.5).

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