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Saturday, October 29th, 2011

Education in French universities? is not only prestigious, but also beneficial from a financial point of view. After training in France virtually free. Foreign students studying in French universities, fall there for different reasons: some people like the French language, to someone like France itself, someone walks in the footsteps of their parents, and someone connected his future career with the Francophone world. Guarantor of the quality of education, both in public schools, and private advocates state. It is true it should be noted that employers give preference to graduates of public schools. Higher education in France is one of the lowest in the world.

Most of the costs borne by the State. The student must pay a registration fee (its size is set by the state, and he is one for French students, and foreign). To this we must add the annual scholarships that may cover not only training, but also accommodation. Eligible for scholarships and French and foreign students. To enroll in the French higher education institution must be on time and successfully complete all requirements for admission. What are these requirements? For foreign applicants is it? equivalency diploma and level of education, knowledge of French language, certified by a special certificate on successful international exams in a foreign language or special tests in a foreign language, as well as evidence of financial solvency. Yes, education is free.

But we need to pay the registration fee, annual health insurance to pay for textbooks and living expenses. Just say that the domestic certificate of high school graduation for entrance into French university is not enough, because it is not equivalent to the French YOU. What to do? The easiest way to enter the home university to be trained there at least a year, than at the specialty for which you plan to trained in France, and then provide a certificate from this university. But again, whether to recognize such a statement equivalent to the French YOU? all within the competence of the French educational institution where you intend to do. Criteria for enrollment? full prerogative of the institution. Absolute demand? knowledge of French. All applicants must pass exams TSF-U and the results of which must be shown in statement. The only exception? DALF diploma holders of these examinations may not take place. For admission to the first year the state educational institution necessarily need to issue the dossier appointment (DAP). For admission to private schools do not. Also, do not need those who entered the profession of creative competition. In a year you can make only one file, where you must specify the two universities. This is case the first you would refuse to accept. In addition to DAP also need your cover letter in which you have to justify their choice, why would you want to learn it was in France and in this university. In the letter, you must Tell us why you want to study it in this specialty and how to further plan to apply their knowledge, etc. For foreign students there are two ways to execute and submit documents: alone or to use the services of specialized agencies. Independent way? This, of course, the cheapest way, but, relying on professional service, you will be insured against all possible errors in paperwork. Such help international students seeking higher education in France, has the agency EduFrance.

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