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Dietary Supplements

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Once again the benefits of dietary supplements health issues are of concern not only for Russia but for most countries, both developed and underdeveloped world. Russian I, of course, ascribe to the developed part of the planet, and it's not feelings of patriotism, but from an objective assessment of the actual scientific and technological capabilities of our country. In these circumstances, only individual means and ways to protect the internal environment, ie endoecological recreation on cellular level in the overall range of practical measures to preserve the viability of both the individual and large populations are the only possible measure of saving the human species. Trunk by human survival is the expansion and recovery of its own defensive resources. You can not keep silent and toxic effect on the human body and such, it would seem necessary in everyday life attributes, such as drugs. Recently in the newspaper "Izvestia" published an appeal was an American medical doctor Matthias Rath and U.S.

leadership to all residents of the country and the world. According to him, in the XXI century, people woke up after a century nightmare in which they were subjected to continuous "charity" Effects of pharmaceutical companies, whose activities led to the chain of civilization diseases: cardiovascular disease, hepatitis, immune deficiency, cancer, AIDS and tuberculosis. And in this chain involves all interested persons representing the interests of pharmaceutical companies in various organizations, including the World Organisation Zdravoohraneniya.i adaptive capabilities. These factors must be added and objective reasons, adversely affecting public health, such as increased concentration of toxic air exhaust, a lack of products in natural vitamins and essential micronutrients, physical inactivity and social vulnerability of the population. What is happening in the world to improve the quality of life, whether it is possible to use international experience to support the population of Russia? First of all, the world community drew attention to the most important factor in determining human health – for life, which accounts for 50% of the factors influencing health. .

The Argentinian

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

An important part of the population objective consists of those just starting to smoke. (The Argentinian subsidiary BAT, Nobleza Piccardo brand strategy document). 2. Analysis of the social and cultural context the acceleration in the transmission of information and its globalization pose a new scenario, by modifying the guidelines on which societies and people construct their identities. Events have entered into a maelstrom in which they are consumed at breakneck speeds, in correspondence with the new structures Media installed in a crazy by novelty and spectacular race intended to manipulate and catch the interest of a society increasingly saturated information and with less capacity for surprise. We are witnessing a genuine paradox, in a moment in the handled such a volume of information that individuals are unable to assimilate and process it to reaffirm, reconstruct or build their identities.

We are in a society media that is governed by the principle consumerist the use and throw. Already immersed in the 21st century, Western society is characterized by a strong ambivalence. On the one hand, globalization processes tend towards homogenization of customs and identities, about a few planetarily common parameters; and, on the other hand, appear strong and marked trends toward the affirmation of differences, by the construction of local identities, either territorially or belief systems, in many cases with a pointed irrational component. The death depicted in an advertisement that appeals to a pleasure, an adventure smoking, with and despite the self-destruction that this generates… may well ask what our daily actions not promotes self-destruction. In today’s world, with a high percentage of population that dies from hunger and diseases without receiving proper treatment, the triumph of these tobacco companies is a grotesque paradox, which escapes the view of a large part of consumers. This is one consequence of the individualism that characterized the modern age, as noted by Tocqueville, individualism not only undermines the foundations of democracy itself by indifference widespread to public affairs, but also the economic interest you aletarga the mind of humans that pass to behave in a purely selfish way.


Thursday, May 1st, 2014

Find answer with determination to essential questions leads to imbalance personally, if we mean by essential all issues that arise because of human existence. The point of wisdom, where is the point of sleep from which you can choose happiness, or a durable, solid, personal well-being is the average between the frivolity of those living the life in the field of hollow ambitions and those who dramatise to the end each own decision. Analyzing with microscope towards where leads this theatre of being and what are the arguments to live, we can weaken the foundations of our existence. Check that our passage through this world has a decisive end called death, feel with clarity that the people that we love will come a moment in which we will not have it more on our side, our investment in affections will be less than nothing, because we will not be, is frightening. Before these uncertainties man has been building myths and religions, has created legends and has invented answers. Reaction to the brutality mortality. I don’t think that there is Dios. My deep down I know that there is no God.

It is painful to admit it, but I understand that he is brave. Does then move my life?, how to avoid the anxiety of thinking in a total end? There are no magic answers, but there are attitudes. In my case the attitudes that make that today I feel a person carried out and with a high degree of happiness go through share these days wherewithal, in this game of crazy that is life, with my close people. Enjoy them with all the force and try that you pop not out to the precipice of pain. Find my personal stability in culture and art, admire far man has come with its limited weapons, always losers in the fight against death, Yes, but creative. Find the meaning of life to mature trying to improve as a person to make me an accomplice of the man with capital letters, the entrepreneur, the wise, the sensitive, which seeks the truth and does not find it. Life can be understood without believing in anything other than in man, imagine it at peace with himself, not dislocated and selfish, but solidarity with his family in their search for the truth, knowing that the truth is never found. There is no better God than a good man. Original author and source of the article.

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