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Preliminary Leccion

Sunday, February 23rd, 2014

Heraclitus (AP 544 AP 483. TO C) Greek materialistic and dialectic philosopher. Natural of efeso (smaller Asia) of aristocratic lineage. Its work of the nature, from which fragments have arrived us only, was famous in the classic antiquity by the depth of its thought. And by the enigmatic thing of its exhibition (I have was called the dark here to him) Today all the people this of celebration. I listen to music and social disorder. My parents sleep while I write to you, the life of a philosopher is a wisdom way, which is not easy but either impossible. As far as the love I have been rationalist because of the philosophy.

But he fence today would want to have a discussion with a virtuous woman and to perhaps love it but I always say that to that one magic the desaparesco to you with the light of the reason, until he finds a virtue woman. Then entendere a little to the heart, before no. At the moments at which I drink wine with my friendly it very well then passed, it does not represent for me a routine and if something that moves away to me of the same. 17 2007 Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo According to heraclitus the substance first of nature is the fire. But susceptible of change and but the movable one. From the fire the entire world comes. The singular things and until the soul. " this world that is the same for all, has not created it any of the Gods or of the men but always it was and sera eternally alive fire, that ignites with measurement and &quot goes out with measurement; Lenin I observe that this aphorism constitutes an excellent exhibition of the principles of the dialectic materialism. (+ XXXVIII pag 347) all the things arise from the fire by virtue of a necessity that Heraclitus denominates " logo " the universal process is cyclical; passed the great year all the things they become fire again.

Inter Speech

Monday, February 17th, 2014

For such aspects, the presentation of the object if becomes basic to understand the scene that is inserted, understanding the recurrent relations in the practical discursiva and its including character for interacting with diverse elements still compose that it, as it is the case of the differences and neighborhoods analyzed in the internal and external Inter-relations of the speech, perceiving the restriction imposed for imanentes rules the formatting of discursivo character. Of the form as name C.S.N he is inserted from certain governmental logic, later marked out with buoys for the speech technician, arriving the manifest results in popular discursivas resonances, demonstrating as the principle if propagated such statement, in an amalgam process that is legitimated for the communis opinio, facilitating ' ' digerir' ' such strange object to the practical dicursivas until that moment. Interesting to observe that although the language to absorb, a posteriori to propagate the speech, still thus innovates, for perverting the previous order, conceiving new forms that if they structuralize to leave in the new foundation, opposing the lingustica apathy, not being in agreement the expression of Dostoivski (Memory of the House of Deceased), ' ' plagiarism mtuos' ' , but yes a net of reminescncias that filling gaps, finishes covering a field of not measurable amplitude, for the openings that pululam in way to the lingusticos movements. In such a way, the speech spread in way to that they longed for to adentrar the pioneering industrial project in the country, not of receptive form in way to a social apathy, but yes inside of a logic of assimilation of the ideals that echoed in that conjuncture, creating a process of exchange of interests, as story of Geraldo Carlos Dos Santos: ' ' When I age child I by the men working in the construction of the CSN, I had will there you ' ' (SAINTS apud DINAMARCO, 2004).


Saturday, February 15th, 2014

Although it may be difficult, you have to make an effort to look at your situation in a positive manner and in no case allow your ex to be witness of your tears in the eyes. You should try to make it seem that it would be a pleasure to get back with your ex. Cancer Research Institute spoke with conviction. Yet these saying still love my ex and I want to recover his love? However, if your ex perceives that you’re giving turns sad more likely is that comes to the conclusion that it would be better to not have you in his life never more. If you realize on the other hand you’re taking your life in the best way and that you seem to be happy many will want be part of your happiness, once again. It’s thinking about the type of person who would actually prefer your ex.

Now think, do to your ex also they would like to be close to this type of person? It is natural to have the possibility of choosing people only want a day which will glad and catching happiness, give them the belief that they have someone you trust to your side. By the same author: Brooke Harlow. So you think. Are you someone as well?. It is really good to say I still love my ex, but no doubt you will agree that is much better to work and strive to make the basic loving Foundation even stronger. By doing so, you will be in a very good position to regain the love lost love of your ex. You’re trying to win back your ex and nothing seems to work you? If so you must enter right now here: guides to regain your former partner.

Excellent Idea

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

In this article we consider how to open a salon of optics – very profitable kind of business. Original article can be found on the site – the idea for the business. First, you need to monitor competitors. Nurse on the major shopping centers, pharmacies, pavilions and a look at the departments of future opponents. Need to pay attention to the departments with the goods – from 100 to 700 rubles, as just this category and we will be guided.

Large departments do not take into calculation, they sell goods at high prices. Then start looking for a place for your future area of 5.7 sq. point No wonder that you obbegat whole city, looking for other departments. The main criterion for selection – the place to be in very pass-through location, because money for advertising in the initial period, we do not have. It is best to open up in the aisle of a shopping center or near a large supermarket, and you can consider the option of a pharmacy. Note that close to you should not be competitors, or is likely all efforts will be wasted. On the site we have determined and analyzed the competition, then what? Find a supplier of goods. For optics, we will attribute: ready to glasses, contact lenses and accessories for optics. Purchased this product should be on wholesale depots, which are brought goods from China and Ukraine.

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