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Operation Iraqian Freedom

Wednesday, November 15th, 2017

Bush, who permanently associated the attacks of the 11 of September and its 3,000 disappeared to the profession of a Faith and a policy of security extra-borders that derived in Patriot Act" , still effective. But the war in Iraq and the conflict in Afghanistan have been profiteers by Bin Laden and their terrorists of The Qaeda to harness the new modality of the asymmetric war, modern war santa" of jihad Islamic, in which the presumed warlike postulates of a religion with political aims are used. Ever since the war in Afghanistan in 2001 began, the members of the Army of the USA rise already to 1,002 that is lost the life in that one country, according to the data that have informed right public the day in which rebellious forces have assaulted the main air base of the USA in the country of talibanes. People such as Nieman Foundation would likely agree. During the confrontation in Bagram, a American contractor has died and nine soldiers have been hurt in the attack, being that the second direct assault of talibanes against the North American forces and of NATO; first it was a suicidal attack in Kabul that it caused 18 deads, among them five soldiers of the USA and one of Canada, in which it could suppose outstanding the announced beginning of offensive of talibanes the con foreign objectives. The War of Iraq or II Gulf War, also well-known like Operation Iraqian Freedom in the United States, Telic Operation in the United Kingdom and, in other scopes like occupation of Iraq, was a conflict that began the 20 of March of 2003 and that presumably it will finalize the 31 of August of 2010, that is to say, within twelve days counted as of today 19 of August. It is a conflict that begins when the United States organized a multinational coalition for the invasion of Iraq, composed by units of the Armed Forces of the own United States, the United Kingdom, and smaller contingents of Australia, Spain, Denmark, Poland and other states.

Positive Affirmations

Wednesday, November 1st, 2017

The POWER OF the POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS I knew that Internet was an excellent tool, where you can contact to million people in different places and in seconds, but often passed it losing the time in pages or little productive things; so I recalled to mind and I saw myself in the necessity to reprogramar my mind. Studies indicate that the person average at least passes 30% of her time in front of a computer and I was one of those, until a day sailing in Internet I discovered something that began to change the life to me. He imagines if whenever you are in your computer, he is working, sending post office or sailing by the network, you could improve and heighten your personal development. Additional information is available at Nieman Foundation. Good that is exactly what Dino and the equipment of Mindzoom had in mind when they developed his site. Our mind can be our better friend or our worse enemy following how we feed and I I really believed that it took a productive and happy life, but you will not believe how much sweepings enters our mind every day! and of how much people refusal we surrounded ourselves on a daily basis. Because we never give to our mind an injection him of positive ideas? I thought that it was not possible; we can do easily although he requires himself patience and self-discipline and by this are that much people fail in the attempt, soon say I am not able, why nonprogress, why nonprofit which I want; single complaints and complaints; they are blocked and they do not realize that the solution is in one same one in its own mind, practicing constantly the positive affirmations. Add to your understanding with Boy Scouts Of America. But, what are the affirmations? The affirmations are defined as assertions of which something exists or that is true. The positive affirmations occur basically when we asserted that something positive on we ourself is true. .

Municipality Today

Sunday, May 28th, 2017

A call to the adherents of the Patagonia campaign without Dams to support with the Chileans and Chileans whom South center of the country is living difficult moments as a result of the earthquake on last Saturday in the zone made the coordinator of the Citizen Coalition by Aysn Reserve of Life, Peter Hartmann Samhaber. It indicated the leader who the best form to collaborate today from the Patagonia, where problems as a result of the strong earthquake were not generated, is to follow the instructions that the authorities are distributing in this sense, to become part of the campaigns which today they are taking ahead and to participate like volunteers in these. Kidney Foundation: the source for more info. ” What we have lived like country has been tremendous, and each one of the citizens we must deliver the attacks that are necessary to go in aid of those who today is suffering. And that also corresponds to the organizations of the civil society who indeed work by the good colectivo” Peter Hartmann expressed. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Boy Scouts of America. She added that the diverse organizations who participate in the campaign are from the first day carrying out the work to evaluate the situation of the members of its own groupings ” and to go in aid of all that the devastating effects of the earthquake have undergone in own meat, mainly in the zone of the Maule and Concepcin, as it is the case of Codeff and other groups locales”. In the case of the Region of Aysn Peter Hartmann it indicated that the Citizen Coalition has informed to Regional Intendance and the Municipality into Coyhaique its disposition to collaborate with the campaigns that are taking ahead ” every time more than to arm each his own initiative it is necessary to add itself to which already they are funcionando”. Finally, it indicated that a series of activities that had been programmed for this summer, as the case of the commemoration of the World-wide Day of Action Against Represas the 14 of March in the Apple tree ” they have been delayed until new warning because in the present situation they are not a priority and we do not want to destine efforts to initiatives that turn aside the attention than today he is essential, to support to the Chileans and Chileans who live in the zone of the earthquake of Saturday ltimo”.

Gustavo Matos Campaign

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

The citizens of the Lagoon deserve candidates in whom they can creer". " Bethencourt finalized its intervention saying that " certainly now we will not see declarations of the candidate of the Socialist Party, Gustavo Matos, on this subject and esconder". It is published in: " it is the consequence of an irresponsible campaign of the Socialist Party, with its spokesman Gustavo Matos at the top, of loss of prestige not only of the group of government in Aguere but of the civil servants of the Consistorio". Up to here, the imperdible of declarations. Nieman Foundation shines more light on the discussion. We see the reaction: It is published in Answer to the White declarations Perez " The general vice-secretary of the lagoon PSOE, Yeray Rodriguez, affirmed yesterday that the declarations realised by the president of CC in the Lagoon, White Perez, and the coordinator of campaign of Fernando Clavijo, Juan Manuel Bethencourt, is the establishment of the prevailing nervousness in the nationalistic rows before the candidacy of Gustavo Matos to the mayorship, fact that has taken to them to directly invent the news on a supposed judicial reverse in the denunciations against INNOVATES. On the matter, Rodriguez was sorry that from Canary Coalition " the desperate news are invented, speaking of a judicial reverse that gives the reason them in the case INNOVATES, since not even they have been able to show a paper that demuestre" , all this in clear electoral key, which today corroborates the presence of the coordinator of campaign of Clavijo in the realised press conference. According to the general vice-secretary confirmed, " the fact that Canary Coalition has not shown the supposed sentence that gives the reason them in the case INNOVATES, is a test of the manipulation and the lie like political tool that Clavijo has started up in this campaign electoral". The Socialists showed, on the other hand, their astonishment before the strictly speaking informative lack and the manipulation that the one that has made Gallic the coordinator of campaign of Clavijo, professional journalist, and until makes very little director of a mass media well-known of Tenerife.


Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

With active listening we created a climate of confidence and receptivity, and most important, we perceived the needs of the client. In order to realise active listening correctly we must: 1. – To be conscious of the other, to concentrate themselves in the message and the gestures. 2. – To kindly watch at the eyes of the client, making clear that him listening. 3. – To observe and to interrogate the meaning of the words that are saying to us. 4.

– To support verbally, without interrupting the speech of the client, with expressions like: if, already, clearly, already I see 5. – To ask to animate the communication. An interesting question demonstrates that we are listening. 6. – To detect the words and ideas keys and to write down them. 7.

– To feed back in summary, that is to say, to summarize with our words the main ideas of the message of the client. On the other hand, we must avoid the damages, the filters, the emotional alteration and the physical barriers. Chapter 5: Inquiry of the needs of the client the gestures of the client In all process of communication we have to have present that 70% of the communication are corporal, 20% of the communication come marked by the tone from the voice and only a 10% by the words or the content. Due to it, we must give a great importance to him to the gestures that our interlocutor realises. Next you will find a series gestures and which is its meaning: Annoyance: blow on the table, to aim with the finger, to close the fists strongly. Defense: arms or legs cruzados. Distrust: to watch towards a side, to touch the ear. Nervousness: to clear one’s throat, to cover the mouth when speaking. Decision: to incline on the table, hands on the hip. Concentration: to support expensive on the extended forefinger, to touch the chin.

Barack Obama A Black Angel In The White House

Friday, February 17th, 2017

The eyes of the world are directed towards the United States. The President seizee of the White House. One, that has had a meteoric political race and I leave more than one out of breath when I am elect candidate and later President from until recently more powerful nation of the Planet. In spite of which commonly he says himself about social racism and other phenomena, the election of a man as BARACK OBAMA is a good example of evolution in the conformation of a tolerant public opinion. Barack White Obama is half and Black half.

It has Muslim and Christian roots, having chosen (taken a) to be medical instructor of the second. Also its childhood was framed in a social picture nothing attractive, that breaks all the traditions of the North American history of the Presidents. It does not come from the typical home, it did not follow the example of a Father, nor was in the military. His grandfathers are not a hero military or a successful industrialist. He is the simplest North American worldwide and at the same time most singular.

His arrival vindicates the call American dream. And most important of everything, he is not social suffering. It does not get to persecute to anybody, only looks for the United States more just. More person in charge of the paper that is called on to him to play in the world, not as master and gentleman, but like conductive Teacher of processes that make the happiness possible of people. He questions many positions of its party. It accepts that it is necessary sometimes to challenge the authority. It believes in the free market and the liberal economy but it accentuates the paper of the State like director of the collective well-being. It knows that the federal government is truly an elephant, an elephant that moves very slow and that many of the social programs only work in the paper.

Secret Profit

Saturday, August 29th, 2015

The majority of the people proposes goals without deeply analyzing the changes that the profit of that goal will bring, between major before is the goal that we drew up we will grow in the same dimension, but is to remember that I put great modify the universe that we lived. All additional circumstance is implicit in the profit of a goal is called effect collateral of the goals and this effect is inevitable, that is to say whenever a person obtains something causes changes in her family, its surroundings, its relations, Then etc. the important thing is to administer of positive way the effect collateral of the goals as the Secret of the Power of Metas mentions Andrew Corentt in its book. In order to positivar the effect collateral of a goal it is precise to make an analysis detailed of the implications that will have the materialization, for example if a person sets out to change of city or country with an opportunity of professional growth, must consider the adaptation to the climate, customs, language, new people, etc. Also it will have to overcome the barriers to be far from his family and his sociocultural identity, many people do not tolerate the effects collaterals and end up stopping of their goal, simply because they did not analyze sufficiently the additional effects that she implied the profit of the goal.

A form to avoid considerably an effect negative collateral of a goal is developing a precise methodology in the formulation of the goal, in this sense Andrew Corentt in its book the Secret of the Power of Metas shows clearly all the aspects to us that involve the profit of a goal. It is known that the people who are successful in any area of their life have used appropriately the formulation of goals of precise way, clear and effective. The success probabilities when a direction does not exist are almost null, for that reason it is important to know the formulation correct the goal, besides the secrets to the interior of the individuals to cause that the goal that have seted out returns an irresistible idea, an idea with being able. A powerful goal is an idea that is installed in the subconscious mind and has absolute certainty of profit, is important to obtain that our goal takes to be able, that becomes an irresistible idea in our life. Once we managed to make of our goal a powerful idea, everything will happen to our favor and we will use the benefits of the effects collaterals to benefit to us mainly. It discovers the techniques to make that their goals are formulated appropriately, soon make that the effects collaterals of the same benefit to us, immediately obtain that the same becomes powerful and irresistible, then already we are ready to receive, to obtain, to benefit to us, to fulfill our dreams and desires. You can obtain everything what wishes, discovers the hidden power in the formulation and materialization of goals with the book the Secret of the Power of the Goals of Andrew Corentt, visits the following page and transforms positively its life.


Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

These rituals, besides conserving the structural characteristics of the identity Andalusian, will present/display certain forms of interrelation that will be specifically flamencas, that professor Cruces Roldn analyzes from three fundamental variables: its level of institutionalization and formalization, the degree of participation and the bonds between the parts integrate that them and the distinction between value of use and value of change of the flamenco one. In relation to the degree of formalization and institutionalization, speech of institutionalized or formal sociability when the interaction takes place in a predetermined context; whereas the informal sociability would be that one whose last purpose would come solely certain by the search of the social communication immediately. within the own category that we have denominated as noninstitutionalized will be able to distinguish two types more: that one that, even without being institutionalized, appears more or less of explicit way of a form formal as it is the case of the associations and the rocks flamencas and that one other type of character nonformalized or spontaneous, whose main characteristic is the immediacy, his unique and unique condition, whose examples could be a meeting in a bar or the patio of a house. As far as the level of participation and the bonds that settle down between the members of the flamenco ritual, the smaller attending degree of implication between flamenco singer can draw up continuous in to a whose end it would appear, flamenco-spectacle on the one hand, presenting/displaying/bailaor and, that would be limited to be mere spectators of a merely professional execution; and, on the other, the fourth or familiar celebration, where all participate, is flamenco, although they are not able technically to sing, to dance or to touch the guitar. In the cases in that east emotional commitment is not reached, the assistant can never bring about certain acceptance but the equal recognition of by the rest of social actors, the truly flamenco ones. .

General Oil

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Luckyly my father knew, (of knowing and wise person) to cook. The first three years of he passed them to army as intendant of kitchen of the General officer personnel. Innumerable they were its stories and histories of how it made exquisite plates battle front in the heat of certain or how it obtained that amount of manjares that supposedly did not exist by the war. My father inherited the secret to me of it: the exchange. It visited in the towns people and it changed to the women a product to them by another one: bread, flour, oil, sugar, by chickens, garlic sausages and others.

My David son got to have the chain of famous restaurants more of Caracas, at its moments counted with the six better chefs, I can with foundation say, without offending, that as cook in his style my papa took great advantage to them. Ours chefs with the best ingredients (salmon, caviar, pat, lobsters, etc.,) was able to make wonders, but of not having them, simply nothing did. My father with anything, made the best subjects of gossip. My father with a simple chicken, plums, peach trees, carrots, salt pepper, pimentones: to become lean the fingers. With respect to the sea: a fish, parsley oil and lemon. Sometimes sardines in its skin with minimum of oil and much lemon, (mouthful of Cardinal) and simpler still: big holes cured with great amount of lemon and some crude garlic.

Stewed meats, their specialty. It prepared sharp and sweet garlic sausages like few. Tortillas: those of him they were of twelve centimeters of stop. Fritaba the Popes, soon the onion, sometimes some sweet pepper and when the color came accompanying the scents, threw eggs and the touch of salt. Return artistic with the aid of a great plate and to enjoy. How to forget them or to forget it, never.

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